Who are we?

Business venture – consulting company

BTLA’s identity reflects the unique synergy of our experts’ specialization and deep knowledge and interdisciplinary approach, designed to meet our clients’ complex business challenges. Our expert collective, bringing together specialists from various fields, harmoniously combines an in-depth understanding of the industry with a comprehensive analysis of the issues, guaranteeing solutions that are holistic and individualized.

Our specializations have been selected in such a way as to create unique value for our clients in synergy. The foundation of our business is the innovative vision, knowledge and experience of our founders, which inspires our team to constantly develop and evolve BTLA. We are committed to creating connections between our clients, stimulating cooperation and the exchange of experiences within our growing business network.


BTLA is a business venture – a consulting firm.It brings together many professionals with the highest professional qualifications. Our practical business experience, which we have gained together over many years in different areas, i.e., law, business consulting, taxes, accounting, encouraged us to create BTLA, A company that will aggregate all these competences in one place. We believe that both experience and relations which we create between us as business partners and then translate into work with our clients – carrying out projects for them – are very important in effectiveness of these activities and finally reaching a goal which we define together. The versatility of BTLA’s services allows us to take a comprehensive approach to issues presented by our clients.


Our goal is to provide our clients with services of the highest value. It does not matter whether we implement them in the local market or abroad. We approach each project individually. We define its objective, schedule and cost, because we know that such an approach ensures both understanding by each transaction party, as well as facilitates determination of the commitment level of each party, and finally – achievement of the assumed objective.


Thanks to the real value we deliver to our clients – providing them with services – we want to be a long-term business partner for them, who will guide them both through the operational work resulting from ongoing business activity and support them in later stages of business development, which involves, for example, expansion into foreign markets and possible merger and acquisition processes.

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Our team

At BTLA, we attach great importance to selecting appropriate solutions and tools to help our clients achieve their goals. Nevertheless, the most important and most valued element in every organization and company are the people. Below are the people who work with clients daily, help run their business and solve problems that every entrepreneur sometimes encounters. It is easier to work with people who, thanks to their experience and knowledge, can support any business process, and this is what guided us when creating BTLA.

dr Artur Oleś

prof. Jadwiga Glumińska-Pawlic

Łukasz Oleś

Rafał Drzewiecki

Maciej Szkutnik

Agnieszka Szkutnik

Sławomir Żarczyński

Artur Hofman

Maciej Nowak

Jarosław Górski

Kamil Gąsiorowski

Wiktor Jatkiewicz

Roksana Kos

Angelika Sadłoń-Grabska

Aleksandra Jiménez

Anna Brzuchacz

Marek Piórkowski

Marek Piórkowski

Tomasz Gajdziński

Tomasz Gajdzinski

Tomasz Golis

Tomasz Golis