Adrianna Biała

Professional Profile

Due to the predominant area of activity, she mainly acts as a defence attorney in criminal and penal-fiscal cases, from their earliest stages, i.e., from arrest to preparatory, judicial, and enforcement proceedings. She is characterized by an unconventional way of thinking and individual approach to the Client, with whom a line of defence is agreed each time, and cooperation is based on complete trust. In her work she has the ability to foresee and evaluate the consequences of certain actions and to adapt her defense accordingly to the circumstances of the stage of criminal proceedings, being aware of the fact that criminal law is a specific field of law and the Client’s freedom is often at stake, which is the highest good.

The advocate has been acting for many years in media trials of organized criminal groups in Silesia, including cases of armed nature, of high gravity and high statutory risk, which requires above-average knowledge and involvement, as well as courage to act for the benefit of the Client. He conducts crimes against life and health, as well as sex crimes, adapting each time a trial tactic to an individual situation of a Client especially in cases that seem to be a foregone conclusion. The professional practice also focuses on participation in proceedings in cases concerning economic and fiscal crimes, i.e., tax fraud, money laundering so-called tax carousels, actions to the detriment of business entities.

Attorney and court mediator. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice, attorney-at-law registered in the list of attorneys at the Regional Council of the Bar in Katowice, member of the Citizen Advice Association “Dogma” in Katowice. She has acted in many complex cases and trials, obtaining favourable results for her Clients. He is not afraid of challenges, does not avoid difficult cases, courageously fights to the end always acting in the best interest of Client.