Luiza Pieprzyk

Luiza Pieprzyk

Professional Profile

Member of the Consultative Council of the SME Ombudsman, former official of the Ministry of Finance, tax auditor, trainer, lecturer, specialist in VAT in Poland and the EU, legal and tax expert at BTLA, publicist.


Long-time employee of tax authorities (15 years) – specialist in the field of tax on goods and services in Poland and EU countries, working as an adjudicator, specialist in the control of intra-Community trade in tax authorities, dealing with VAT jurisprudence in Poland and European Union countries , carrying out administrative tasks in the field of control and verification of intra-Community transactions in the EU, trainer of the Ministry of Finance. An experienced tax auditor, trainer of employees of control bodies and accountants, tax advisors, statutory auditors and lawyers. For years, she has been implementing VAT procedures and tax security policies in business entities in domestic and foreign transactions in terms of tax, logistics and trade. Creator of individual tax procedures and projects for Polish and international entities, implementing the main objectives of due diligence requirements at every stage of the entity’s activity, from the management staff and the management board to other departments/divisions in a given entity.

CO-AUTHOR OF THE BOOK: “Fiscal control. Super IM happy! A guide not only for the person being inspected. ”