Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting services for companies

Accounting is the best place to use modern technologies, which is why in the accounting service for companies at BTLA Law Firm we combine modern technologies, proven processes as well as knowledge and experience. All this so that customers entrusting us with their services can be sure that they are managed in a comprehensive manner. As a leader in our industry, we try to offer the most intelligent accounting services that meet the requirements set by entrepreneurs and the constantly changing business reality. We provide accounting services for limited liability companies, limited partnerships, joint-stock companies and entities listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We also provide services to capital groups and international corporations with complex and multi-branch organizational structures.

How will BTLA’s accounting service help your business?

  • We will provide bookkeeping and accounting supervision,
  • We will support with tax advice and service,
  • We will provide financial reporting and management reporting,
  • We will provide payment and bank account processing,
  • we will provide scalable system solutions that automate accounting processes, e.g. electronic circulation of documents, e-reports and personal e-files,
  • We will help, give legal and tax advice on your business,
  • We will ensure that the mandatory data at the tax office and the Social Security Administration is updated,
  • We represent the client before the tax office, Social Security and the statistical office, and will provide all explanations to the inspection authorities,
  • additionally, in the accounting service at the BTLA law firm, we will provide, among others: posting documents on a daily basis, availability of posted documents online, we can receive documents directly from contractors, we can issue and send invoices to your contractors, accounting services for the company can take place in our accounting system or the client’s.

Why use a BTLA accounting service?

Modern accounting and modern tools related to it are the future, BTLA law firm will provide a modern accounting service that supports companies, and is not a burdensome duty. Cooperation as part of our accounting service allows your company to reduce labor and personnel costs related to bookkeeping, tax calculation and employee settlements, minimizes the risk of ignorance of tax regulations or their incorrect interpretation, gives opportunities for tax savings that will be identified, and above all gives professional assistance focused on long-term cooperation and achieving mutual benefits. Using the accounting services of the BTLA Law Firm gives you a new look at your accounting and tax matters, supported by well-established knowledge and knowledge of practical issues.

    What sets our accounting services apart?

    • Efficiency and effective performance – we support many of our clients in the difficult area of accounting, often in very difficult cases requiring special competences and, what is crucial, obtaining real benefits for our clients.
    • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, regardless of the moment in which the company is, we are fully committed to learning the specifics of the business, comprehensively analyzing all areas of activity to offer the best accounting and tax solution.
      • Expertise in the area of investment settlement – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multidisciplinary experts who are distinguished by effective bookkeeping for our clients, in-depth knowledge of business practice supported by many years of experience allows us to provide services at such a high level.
      • Individual approach to the client – accounting is a critical process in the company’s operations, requiring practical knowledge and the ability to adapt to the specifics of a given company, which is why we always try to thoroughly analyze the situation of each company and propose the best possible individual solution, enabling quick and effective support at the stage of further cooperation in every case.