HR and payroll outsourcing

HR and payroll services for companies

By using HR and payroll services at BTLA, you gain access to the knowledge and experience of specialists and avoid the need to maintain specialized departments. The quality HR and payroll services provided by BTLA enable the smooth operation of the company and create a secure, stable environment conducive to growth and expansion. The knowledge and practical experience of our experts enables us to effectively support companies with both domestic and foreign capital, also offering service in English. BTAL’s HR and payroll services are solutions backed by proven modern technology, allowing us to build a competitive advantage and save time and costs for our clients. Reducing paperwork is also done with the environment and ESG regulations in mind.

Personnel services

  • we provide comprehensive maintenance of personnel files – ie. Personnel records, we supervise the dates of expiring employment contracts, the validity of periodic examinations and health and safety training,
  • We provide ongoing registration/de-registration and documentation changes for Social Security,
  • we realize the ongoing recording and accounting of employee absences, and their entitlements,
  • We maintain employees’ vacation records and set vacation sizes and limits,
  • We will ensure the preparation and sending of monthly declarations to PFRON,
  • we accept inspections from the PIP regarding the correctness of personnel administration and provide PIP officials with the necessary data and explanations,
  • We prepare personnel reports and statements,
  • We provide replacement of human resources staff.

Payroll services

  • We calculate salaries for employees in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • We perform salary calculations for executives,
  • We prepare payrolls, as well as payroll reports,
  • We carry out bank transfers regarding salaries and obligations to employees,
  • We provide the calculation of public liabilities related to wages and salaries, as well as the preparation of ZUS settlement declarations and PFRON declarations, ZUS adjustments,
  • We prepare information for employees regarding accrued wages and deductions made,
  • We prepare annual income information and calculate taxes – PIT 11, PIT 40, PIT 4R, PIT 8AR, ZUS IWA,
  • we enable the replacement of employees involved in human resources and payroll,
  • We assist during possible inspections and audits from Social Security, PIP or US.

Why use the HR and payroll service of BTLA law firm?

Modern HR and payroll services and related modern tools are the future, BTLA provides the application of modern technologies in the work of HR and payroll departments, which allows us to build a competitive advantage and save time and costs for our clients. The benefits of our solutions are primarily a reduction in the cost of storing files, quick, easy and constant access to documentation, savings in the way documents are distributed and speeding up their circulation, data security and, just as importantly, the employer’s image as an innovative company. Using BTLA’s HR and payroll service allows you to optimize, automate processes and streamline the flow of information in your company.

    What sets our HR and payroll service apart from the competition?

    • Efficiency and effective execution – we support many of our clients in the not easy area of human resources and payroll, often in very difficult cases requiring special competence and, what is crucial, obtaining real benefits for our clients.
    • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, regardless of the moment of the company, we are fully engaged in getting to know the specifics of the business, analyzing all areas of the business holistically, in order to offer the best possible solution HR and payroll services.
    • Expertise in the area of investment accounting – BTLA team are tax advisors, attorneys and legal advisors and mulit disciplinary experts, who are distinguished by effective management of personnel and payroll for our clients, in-depth knowledge of business practice supported by many years of experience, allows us to provide services at such a high level.
    • Individual approach to the customer – HR and payroll is an important process in the company’s operations requiring practical knowledge and the ability to adapt to the specifics of a particular company, so we always try to thoroughly analyze the situation of each company and propose the best possible individual solution, allowing at the stage of further cooperation to quickly and effectively support each case.