BTLA, owing, among other things, to its partner as an auditor – a court accounting expert, has carried out many audits on transformation plans.
Thus – for example – the Transformation Plan should include:

  • Draft Resolution on transformation (in the case of a natural person running a business activity, it is a Declaration drawn up in the form of a Notarial Deed)

  • Draft contract of a transformed company

  • A valuation of elements of property (assets and liabilities) of transformed entity as of the date of transformation

  • Financial statement of transformed entity as of the date of transformation in case of:

    • to keep only tax records in an entity to be transformed – it is a balance sheet drawn up based on an inventory sheet,

    • keeping full accounting – this is a financial statement drawn up similarly and according to a template used in previous annual financial report.

If you have any doubts about the transformation process, how to carry it out, what documents to prepare, what costs are involved, we offer our knowledge and experience.