Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of BTLA sp. z o.o. in Katowice


BTLA sp. z. o.o. in Katowice (hereinafter: BTLA) was established as a result of cooperation between people for whom running a business together is not only about making profit but also about acting in accordance with generally accepted ethical standards. One of the goals of BTLA is to promote reliable, honest and ethical business. It is impossible to achieve lasting economic success without upholding basic ethical values, which were fundamental in establishing BTLA.

§1 Relationship between partners

Each partner undertakes to:

  1. a) To take care of the good image and reputation of BTLA;
  2. b) not to take actions aimed at favouring position of any of partners over others;
  3. c) not to take actions aiming at damaging good name or reputation of other partners;
  4. d) provide other partners with any information necessary for proper functioning of BTLA;
  5. e) cooperate with other partners for the good of BTLA;
  6. f) support other partners with own knowledge and experience;
  7. g) in case of conflict situations in BTLA – not to inform third parties about them;
  8. h) to settle all disputes related to functioning of BTLA through arbitration by fellow members.;
  9. i) not to undertake any actions which are not related to BTLA activities, and which even potentially could influence the proper functioning of BTLA;
  10. j) not to engage in any activities which would undermine the integrity

§2 Relations with counterparties and cooperating entities

  1. Whenever this section refers to counterparties, it shall also refer to cooperating entities.
  2. Relations betweenBTLA and its counterparties shall be based on mutual trust and respect.
  3. Any obligations of BTLAshall be paid in accordance with the agreed terms.
  4. BTLAshall provide services at the highest possible level.
  5. Information concerning relations between BTLA and counterparties shall be treated as confidential and covered by absolute secrecy.
  6. BTLA shall not consciously provide incomplete information and misleading descriptions in respect of services it offers.
  7. BTLA shall not abuse its market position in relation to counterparties.

§3 Relations with competitive entities

  1. BTLA will be guided by the principles of honesty and ethics in its relations with competitive entities.
  2. BTLA will not take actions aimed at obtaining information on activities of competitive entities in an illegal manner and contrary to the provisions of the law in force, through:
    1. a) industrial espionage;
    2. b) employing employees of competitors to obtain information that constitutes business secrets of a competitive entity;
    3. c) taking any other action to obtain from employees of competing entities information that constitutes a business secret of a competitive entity;

3. BTLA will not take actions aimed at damaging reputation or good name of competitive entities.

§4 Conducting International Business

  1. BTLA is committed to respecting local laws and customs in other countries.
  2. BTLA will respect traditions and culture of each country in which it will conduct business.
  3. BTLA will provide assistance and support to its foreign counterparties.

§5 Resolution of internal disputes

  1. All internal disputes between associates, which by their nature are not reserved to competence of ordinary courts, will be considered before arbitration by fellow members.
  2. The proceedings before the arbitration by fellow members shall consist of two instances.
  3. Details of functioning of the arbitration by fellow members shall be defined in its statute adopted by the BTLA Board.