Audit of counterparties

Company audit

BCorporate security is not just about developing procedures in case of a fire emergency at a headquarters or a lost “visitor” pass. Today, information is the most important asset in a company. Benjamin Franklin once supposedly said, “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” This eighteenth-century, very drastic sentence, of one of the founders of the United States, although, as far as the subject is concerned, it is most up to date, but fortunately, in the information age, that is in the twenty-first century, it is possible to implement it without having to eliminate physically a potential source of a secret leak.

    Company security

    Activities of BTLA Business Security are focused on creating dedicated solutions for enterprises to protect their information resources. The practical aspect of the above activities is a wide spectrum of undertakings, from training of management staff to audits of security systems, conducting economic investigations, but also creation and management of security cells in enterprises. It develops and analyzes threat scenarios, prepares operational gaming and training exercises for crisis response groups.