Crisis management

Crisis management in the company

Many years of practice and experience of our law firm indicate that most legal problems faced by organizations generate crisis situations that affect many spheres of activity. Many times, as important as a quick legal response is a quick and reliable assessment of the scale of the existing crisis and the recommendation of effective actions. Many promising business crises have been averted by our experienced team. We support our clients in managing crisis situations, significant changes in the organization and in situations where our clients’ organizations experience growth constraints.

    How can BTLA help your organization manage a crisis?

    • we will provide experienced specialists who will help you through difficult times,
    • we will carry out a quick and comprehensive diagnosis of a crisis situation,
    • we will develop and facilitate the implementation of communication and image-building activities,
          • we will implement solutions limiting the development of a crisis situation,
          • we will support you in minimizing losses and restoring a stable situation,
          • we will analyze the risks of a crisis situation, develop a prevention, response and liquidation plan.

      Why is it worth entrusting BTLA with crisis management in your company?

      BTLA has been actively dealing with crisis management for many years, I am aware that quick decisions and actions are crucial, which is why our support is highly effective. We help companies struggling with financial problems, which is why we have already managed to process the vast majority of problems together with our clients. That’s why we know that not all problems can be solved without cost. Sometimes you have to make a difficult decision and sacrifice a smaller piece to keep the whole. We are perfectly aware of how difficult this situation is, therefore, in cooperation with our clients, we always approach the issue individually and conduct a thorough analysis of the potential losses and benefits of a given solution.

        What distinguishes our consultancy in the field of crisis management?

        • Efficiency and effective performance – we have supported our clients in many situations requiring good crisis management, the experience and successes in limiting the effects of crises in our clients’ companies allow us to help in such a sensitive moment with greater calmness and greater efficiency.
        • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from conducting a quick and comprehensive diagnosis of a crisis situation, through implementing solutions limiting the development of a crisis situation and we will support you in minimizing losses and restoring a stable situation.
            • Expertise in the area of crisis management – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by comprehensive experience in crisis situations requiring high competences, resistance to stress and many well-managed cases.
            • Individual approach to the client – during a crisis situation, we accompany clients at every stage of managing an undesirable situation, supporting and effectively helping to minimize and limit the negative effects.