Auditing financial statements is intended to confirm that:

  • The financial statement gives a true and fair view of entity’s assets and financial position as at the balance sheet date, its bottom line and its cash flows for a turnover year, in accordance with applicable provisions of the accounting act or International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards – if applicable to the entity.
  • The financial statement is consistent, in form and content, with the applicable laws and entity’s Memorandum/ Statute, if it is the basis for entity’s operations.
  • The financial statement has been prepared on the basis of proper bookkeeping in accordance with Art.2 of the Accounting Act.

As BTLA, we audit the financial statements in accordance with the National Auditing Standards in the wording of the International Auditing Standards and in accordance with the Act of 19 July 2019 on statutory auditors, audit firms and public supervision.

We recommend the audit service also for entities that are not obliged to do so.

An audit of financial statement provides current and potential financial statement recipients with a guarantee such audited financial statements contain reliable, correct and credible information based on which investment decisions, crucial for a company’s development, can be made.