Optymisation of business financial structure

The financial structure of the company

BTLA is a firm of qualified experts with the experience and drive to act that has developed a strong and consistent ability to identify, to market effectively and to use a wide range of reliable solutions for optimising business finance sources.

Working capital

Focused on the factoring service, including non-recourse factoring without recourse to the seller.

Financing is granted in the following currencies: PLN, EURO, USD.

Additional features of the full factoring:

  • exemption from recourse is based on a trade receivables insurance policy;
  • administration of client’s accounts receivable portfolio, continuous monitoring and carrying out debt collection and enforcement processes.

The operational benefits for client (factorer) are:

  • financing with full factoring does not burden the client’s credit capacity;
  • we ensure independence from guidelines and interpretations of the financial supervision.

Investment financing

Focused on commercial bonds or financing by Private Capital Funds, also in the “financial cluster” formula.

Financing mergers and acquisitions

Focused on Private Equity Funds or Industry Investors, also in the “financial cluster” formula.

BTLA works with a client based on client guidelines and based on an analysis or audit of client potential.

Contact us if you are looking for these or other solutions – we will diligently consider your business proposal and we are sure to reach an agreement in this area.