Scale of unpredictability of current business environment is increasing every day.

As a team, we are prepared to meet the highest requirements for Interim Management which, with a clearly defined timeframe, is based on:

  • A clear objective and expected outcome
  • Scope and area of activities are clearly defined, which Interim Manager will have influence on and be responsible for
  • Definition of how an organization/company will cooperate with our Specialist

We do not operate based on the principles of consultation but on the principles of real impact on business processes within a clearly defined time horizon:

When your business is facing challenges and you need temporary support in:

  • An urgent vacancy has arisen, and you need temporary competence support to ensure continuity of processes in your company
  • You are in the process of launching new product lines or service processes and suddenly a need for temporary resource support has arisen
  • Supporting family businesses in preparing successors for their role
  • Our professionals will provide necessary assistance and support in managing a crisis or significant change in Your organization. We will provide experienced professionals to help you through a difficult time
  • Growth in the organization is limited by lack of qualified managerial resources
  • You need to implement innovative projects that Your company has not implemented before
  • Acquisitions and mergers (M&A) and downsizing; are you looking to acquire a new business or downsize? Or maybe development of new business?

We also offer the support of our specialists in carrying out the organizational change of Your company.

  • You need temporary support in implementing a rapid but structured change that will also require a redefinition of Your business model along with process changes. We will provide experienced professionals to develop and then implement changes that will translate into business efficiency.

Maybe a restructuring is needed. Our ” temporary” Managers will guide you through the full process:

  • We will assess the company’s situation as to whether it is appropriate to use restructuring mechanisms.
  • We will present proposed changes to align the company’s structure with a possible restructuring
  • we will prepare an analysis of ownership strategy of restructured entity (sense and effect of restructuring for an owner)
  • rationale and effect of restructuring costs
  • explaining motivation, competences and role of manager, court executive supervisor, temporary court executive supervisor, receiver
  • managing “milestones” in the restructuring process
  • transparent control of restructuring costs

With our time management approach:

  • Your operating costs will be optimized
  • Interim management entails a high degree of resource flexibility within a clearly defined time frame
  • there is no phase of bringing your own resources into a project – and time spent learning as well as gaining experience in each area, which often comes at a cost
  • we transfer knowledge gained in other projects
  • achieving business goals is faster