Negotiations and mediations in business

Assistance with negotiations and mediation for companies

A lawsuit is a last resort that always comes with a cost. Even if we win a court case, we must invest in it from the beginning. . As BTLA, we always strive to find the best solution for our clients, hence we treat amicable resolution of disputes as a priority, so that our clients can get on with business rather than litigation. BTLA’s offer includes the participation of experienced experts in mediations and negotiations, which relieves clients of ongoing problems and, in many cases, allows a compromise solution to be reached – resulting in a reduction in dispute costs, and often preserving healthy relationships between disputing counterparties.


Our specialties

Legal services for companies

Professional support in business negotiations

A service that enables enterprises to effectively conduct business talks, in accordance with the best practices and legal principles. Advisors with experience in negotiations can help the company obtain favorable terms of the contract, while securing its interests.

Comprehensive conduct of attempts to resolve the dispute amicably

A service that covers the management of the entire out-of-court conflict resolution process. Thanks to it, companies can focus on their core business, while specialists deal with negotiations, mediation and other methods of dispute resolution.

Participation in judicial and extrajudicial mediations

A method of conflict resolution that helps parties find a mutually satisfactory solution instead of getting involved in lengthy and costly litigation. A professional mediator can help establish dialogue, negotiate and reach an agreement between the parties.