Micro flat rate

Legal services – micro lump sum for entrepreneurs

The well-known sayings “I don’t need legal services” and “I can’t afford a lawyer” are part of the dialogue of many entrepreneurs. It seems that running a business is all about turning innovation and ideas into profits. Meanwhile, business law is a mine of complex legal acts that are constantly changing and growing. In 2022 alone, almost 32,000 pages of new legal acts were introduced, many of them having a direct impact on the business sector. The “I can handle it myself” approach can be effective in some areas of running a business, but interpreting and understanding business law is not always one of them. Even with experience gained over many years in the industry, the laws are so complex that they may require a specialized approach.

A package of legal services for companies

This is where our law firm can help. Thinking about such entrepreneurs who need legal experts, but cannot afford constant high fees, we have created a service called “Mikro-lump sum”. It is a service based on a fixed monthly subscription, the prices of which start from several hundred zlotys net. “Mikro-lump” guarantees entrepreneurs constant legal services, thanks to which they can focus on what they do best – running their business. This service is aimed at those who need occasional legal assistance and do not want to incur high monthly fees. Entrepreneurs who use the “Mikro-lump sum” can be sure that, if necessary, they can contact a lawyer who is well versed in their business.

Our specialties

Range of services

Drafting and reviewing contracts

The creation and analysis of contracts is the basis of every enterprise. Our team of legal experts ensures that contracts are drawn up and carried out in accordance with applicable law, securing your interests. From simple sales contracts to complex international contracts, you will always be sure that your contracts are safe and legal.

Debt recovery

For many companies, debt collection can be time-consuming and complicated. Our team of lawyers is a specialist in debt recovery, both in Poland and abroad. From writing a reminder to conducting a court case, we provide effective and professional support at every stage of the process.

Preparation of regulations for online stores and related documents (privacy policy, GDPR)

In the age of digitization, running an online store requires understanding the intricacies of digital law. Our law firm has experts who will help you draw up regulations, privacy policies and ensure compliance with the applicable law on the protection of personal data (GDPR). We ensure that your online activity is compliant with the law and protected from potential problems.

Current legal advice

Changing laws and regulations can be difficult to understand and follow. That is why we offer ongoing legal advice so that you can run your business without worrying about potential legal problems. Whether you need advice on a specific matter or want to understand new laws affecting your business, our lawyers are here to help.