Managing the circulation of information within a company is one of the elements of building a competitive advantage that we can realise within our own enterprise. This is important as it builds an organisation’s culture and finally, we provide a modern solution.
that will protect us from:

  • loss of operational data – including offers, contracts, orders and invoices
  • lengthening of sales processes
  • inefficient financial and accounting processes
  • information leakage – by managing levels of access to information
  • loss of business knowledge, even assuming a natural employee turnover process

BTLA BA has been supporting and successfully implementing a solution for many years – Business Navigator, which is an IT platform created for construction of advanced systems for management of processes, documents, tasks and information in various types of organizations. The solution is also a digital archive of documents.
A wide catalogue of modules for, among other things:

  • work and document flow,
  • sales and purchases,
  • CRM,
  • administration,
  • personnel management

It makes the system ready for use immediately after installation. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, it can be freely adapted to the company’s needs or even built from scratch.
Business Navigator, due to its effectiveness, is often implemented as a very important supplement to the most expensive integrated systems, such as SAP or IFS.
The solution offers a number of benefits:

  • orderly processes – each document and task has its own path.
  • access to all necessary documents and information from any device
  • quick and effective communication between employees
  • decentralisation of management – saving time and speeding up execution of tasks
  • the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate and improve work efficiency
  • fast search process
    reduction of operating costs

Business Navigator is a browser-based application. Business Navigator is a browser-based application. It does not require installation on end users’ computers and does not require any investment in infrastructure, which is why, among other things, this solution was chosen as the leading one by BTLA BA. By using such a technological solution, we gain a fully accessible system – from any location, and the possibility of shaping it to the individual needs of the company ensures its effectiveness in supporting all the necessary business processes in the company.