EU as well as national regulations more and more often require businesses to meet a number of conditions related to the protection of a range of data, particularly those related to privacy. A properly functioning company should have comprehensive GDPR procedures. Following the example of Western companies, it is also worth introducing compliance procedures which ensure the company’s operations comply with standards, recommendations and common practices. Regulating the compliance issues will allow an enterprise to operate in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of practice. BTLA’s offer includes creation of comprehensive compliance and RODO documentation, which will be preceded by a comprehensive audit of an enterprise. It is impossible to create a single standard of practice as each company has its own specifics.

What does the service include?

  • audit of a client’s company for existing threats
  • preparation of compliance and GDPR documentation
  • implementation of procedures for protection of so-called whistleblowers
  • szkolenia dla pracowników i kadry menedżerskiej