We help both perpetrators of crimes and people who have been harmed as a result of criminal acts.

Criminal law is no longer just the Criminal Code. New laws or regulations appear in the Polish legal system practically from day to day. This is especially important for people who conduct business. However, in these Acts one can also find criminal sanctions for committing a certain specific behaviour. The perpetrators of such actions are often not even aware that their behaviour may be illegal. If a criminal act has already been committed, we will provide the perpetrator with professional and reliable defence. . We assist both perpetrators of crimes and persons who have been harmed in consequence of criminal actions.


  1. Murder – Article 148 CC
  2. Fraud – Article 286 CC
  3. Fighting and beating – Article 158 CC
  4. Driving while intoxicated – Article 178a CC
  5. 5. Polluting the Environment – Article 182 CC
  6. 6. Managerial Bribery – Article 296a CC
  7. Insurance Fraud – Article 298 CC
  8. Money Laundering – Article 299 CC
  9. Keeping Unreliable Documentation – Article 303 of the CC and many others