There is a large and diverse amount of EU measures that determine commercial exchanges in international trade in goods. Theoretical knowledge is not enough to navigate quickly and efficiently in the field of customs regulations, which are primarily based on EU regulations. Many years of experience of BTLA experts is an irreplaceable advantage for entrepreneurs: importers, exporters, customs agencies, carriers. That is why we support them at every stage of their activity related to import and export of goods, we advise and adjust the best solutions.
  • we advise on tariff classification of goods, accurately identify goods in terms of customs and tax rates and non-tariff measures, we can freely navigate the General Rules of the Combined Nomenclature,
  • we assist in correct determination of customs value, in particular regarding items to be added to customs value, including brokerage costs and commissions, production costs,
  • We analyze and implement business models that are optimal from the customs and tax point of view in international trade,
  • we support our clients in obtaining certificates of preferential origin for imported goods, in order to apply reduced rates of customs duties, including those in retrospective mode, and in obtaining relevant documents for exported goods,
  • We supervise drafting applications to the tax administration authorities for issuing decisions on Binding Tariff Information (BTI), Binding Origin Information (BOI), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number,
  • We participate together with our customers in audits carried out in connection with the granting of authorizations and permissions for simplified customs procedures (AEOC – Authorised Economic Operator Customs) and for safety and security (AEOS – Authorized Economic Operator Security and Safety),
  • We advise in the field of tariff quotas, anti-dumping customs duties and customs suspensions,
  • We offer assistance in obtaining permits for the use of special procedures such as customs warehousing, temporary and end-use clearance, inward and outward processing,
  • we represent our clients before the Head of the Customs and Fiscal Office within the scope of inspection and customs proceedings, before the Director of the Fiscal Administration Chamber within the scope of appeal proceedings and, at a later stage, before Administrative Courts.