Successive reforms of civil procedure have introduced special proceedings in economic lawsuits. Such a process is very formal and easy to make mistakes in. Moreover, contemporary commercial litigations require not only perfect knowledge of law, but also tax issues. Knowledge of practical issues concerning a given business activity is also essential. Without such knowledge it is impossible to enter discussion with court experts and judges, whose level of competence in commercial departments is very high. BTLA’s offer includes comprehensive assistance for entrepreneurs, starting with reliable analysis of documents and ending with obtaining a legally valid judgment closing a lawsuit. BTLA offers also comprehensive representation of entrepreneurs in execution proceedings. Extensive knowledge and experience of the BTLA team allows conducting business litigations in a professional manner.

What does the service include?

  • drafting of pleadings
  • legal representation in courts and offices
  • participation in court hearings and sessions
  • providing a client with information on a case’s status at regular intervals