As part of its wide range of business consultancy services, BTLA has also developed a service related to active support for companies in their day-to-day business operations. The scope of the service can relate to any of the operational areas basically, depending on the current needs of an enterprise, however, we pay special attention to:

  • sales department support – consisting of an analysis of the existing state: scope of activities, scope of personnel competences, bonus systems and incentive systems. In many cases, a broader analysis begins with an audit and implementation of a strategy for information flow within an enterprise. Depending on the industry or scale of operations, BTLA can also get involved in activation of commercial actions directly – looking for new markets to sell services or products both locally in Poland and abroad
  • audit and support of marketing activities – this service usually comprises analysis of current marketing channels and/or PR activities used by an enterprise and optimisation of these activities. This applies strictly to marketing activities but can also include digital performance activities if the enterprise has active online sales. In case our client has not carried out any marketing activities so far, BTLA can become directly involved in such activities, including recruitment of persons who would then carry them out on our client’s side already
  • financial audits, management accounting and controlling (external) – these are basic services provided by consulting companies, which are also offered by BTLA. Thanks to the long-standing experience of our Partners, covering both a wide range of industries and companies for which we have had the pleasure to work, and the ability to use our network of relations, many projects have been successfully completed. Due to the individual nature of each company’s business, the scope of such services is determined during direct meetings and discussions.

This basic scope of possible cooperation can be individually adapted by clients of BTLA to their needs, considering the right time for this type of activity for their enterprises. It takes into account, of course: the seasonality of sales, of marketing activities, or financial year. In BTLA, we attach great importance to flexibility, but also to timeliness of this type of activities, as they should interfere as little as possible with natural operation cycle of an enterprise during a year.

We invite you to work with BTLA.