Cooperation with a broker allows rationalisation of insurance costs while maintaining a full insurance package, necessary when conducting a particular type of business activity. Enquiry prepared with our participation are sent to Insurers, and thanks to the participation of an insurance broker in the process of creating an individual programme and as a result of negotiations conducted by us with Insurers, it is possible to obtain the best insurances in terms of conditions and the lowest prices.

When using services of a broker within BTLA, you receive a guarantee of the highest quality of service while concluding an insurance agreement, as well as, or above all, after-sales service – support within the scope of damage assistance. Our team brings together not only specialists in corporate insurance, but also high-class experts in liquidation of damages resulting from the operation of a company and experts dealing with technical aspects when considering claims.

  1. Insurance audit and analysis of insurance contracts

Scope of service:

  • analysis and estimated valuation of property owned
  • review of concluded and completed contracts with counterparties as well as economic events giving rise to contractual liability
  • analysis and verification of insurance agreements concluded to date in order to determine whether the protection is adequate to business operations and whether a premium charged is not excessive
  • technical analysis of the property owned in terms of wear and tear, vulnerability to damage and the possibility of damage to property or to a third party (prerequisites for delictual liability)
  • taking preventive measures to minimise the risk or limit the financial consequences of damage that has already occurred.
  1. 2. Designing programmes, negotiating with insurers and concluding contracts

Scope of service:

  • preparation of several insurance variants, detailed explanation of aspects of proposed solutions and presenting them to a client for acceptance
  • sending a selected variant or variants (request for proposal) of insurance cover to insurers
  • analysis of presented solutions and conducting negotiations with insurance companies
  • forwarding most advantageous offer to client for acceptance together with recommendation
  • concluding a contract with an insurance company or companies (co-insurance) on behalf of a client
  • monitoring the process of registration and entering a contract into force.
  1. Non-life insurance products

Examples of non-life insurance coverage:

  • property insurance against named risks (e.g., hurricane, fire, inundation, flood) and unnamed (all-risk)
  • property against burglary, robbery, intentional damage
  • machinery and equipment against all risks
  • construction insurance
  • electronic equipment from all risks
  • data restoration
  • against cybercrime
  • against loss of profit (business interruption insurance)
  • technical
    • financial
    • insurance guarantees

  1. Liability insurance products

Examples of liability insurance coverage:

  • contractual, delictual and pure financial damages
  • product liability, including a recall clause (product recall)
  • lessee and owner of real property
  • user of property under a lease, tenancy, rental or similar agreements
  • professional (doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, etc.)
  • a road haulier in national and international traffic
  • members of private limited company bodies
  • professional, e.g., civil servants for gross negligence
  • for computer software, hidden defects
  1. Personal and life insurance products
  • personal accident insurance
  • individual and group life insurance
  • health, sickness and accident insurance
  • travel
  • group insurance for employees, associates and sub-contractors (e.g., due to childbirth, hospitalisation)