Accounting for investments

Tax advice on investment settlement

Many years of market practice shows that the vast majority of entrepreneurs make investments, e.g. in real estate, machinery or licenses. These investments should of course be accounted for for tax purposes. However, such settlements can be made in different ways. There are many methods of depreciation in income tax. It is worth remembering that buildings, structures and their parts should be treated differently for real estate tax purposes. Cost segregation is a detailed separation of fixed assets based on tax regulations and the Classification of Fixed Assets, and determination of the initial value of fixed assets, taking into account indirect costs.

How can BTLA help your organization with investment accounting?

We account for various types of investments, both in accounting for newly built facilities and adjusting settlements to seek tax savings:

  • shopping malls
  • office buildings and office and service complexes
  • hotels
  • industrial halls, factories and warehouses
  • underground parking lots
  • technical infrastructure

Why settle your investment in cooperation with BTLA?

As part of BTLA’s professional consulting services, we support our clients in accounting for investments, carry out technical inspection of investments, have knowledge of the possibility of separating fixed assets, perform extensive analytics of the fixed assets account to determine the initial value, effectively support the accounting department to check the possibility of increasing monthly depreciation, reducing the tax base and preparing a more transparent structure of fixed assets. Enlisting the support of a BTLA law firm in settling an investment can lead to finding areas for improvement.

What makes our investment settlement service different?

  • Efficiency and effective execution – we have supported our clients in many investment settlements, often for very complex investments requiring special competences and, what is crucial, obtaining real benefits for our clients.


  • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, regardless of the moment of investment and the outlays made, we are fully involved in the entire process by analyzing the project as a whole in order to propose the best tax solution.
    • Expertise in the area of investment settlement – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by the number of successfully settled investments for our clients and in-depth knowledge of business practice that allows us to provide services at such a high level.


    • Individual approach to the client – the investment, including the settlement of the investment, is a labor-intensive process that requires very practical knowledge and the ability to adapt to the specifics of a given project, which is why we always try to take over a thorough analysis of the investment and propose the best possible individual solution.