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CIT Estonian

Estonian CIT is an innovative system of taxation of companies, enabling minimization of tax burdens and simplification of accounting. Find out how Estonian CIT can change the way your company manages taxes.

Estonian CIT is a lump sum tax on company revenues, which eliminates the need to conduct tax accounting and determine the costs of obtaining revenues. Tax is paid only when profit is paid, which allows for better control over the company’s finances.

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Estonian CIT – for whom and how to benefit?

Estonian CIT is available to joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships and simple joint-stock companies that meet specific income and employment criteria.

Switching to Estonian CIT is voluntary and requires submitting a notification of the choice of this form of taxation to the tax office. This provides greater flexibility in managing your company’s taxes.

Is it worth switching to Estonian cit?

What are the benefits of Estonian CIT?

Estonian CIT offers benefits such as a lower effective tax rate compared to classic CIT, and the ability to allocate funds for purposes related to the company’s current operations without tax burden until the profit is paid.


Taxation only occurs when profits are distributed

Estonian CIT taxes a company’s income only when it is paid out, which means that it is not taxed as long as it remains in the company and is reinvested. This gives companies better financial liquidity and creates greater opportunities for growth and development.


Simple tax settlements

This system is characterized by a simplified tax settlement procedure. The lack of the need to pay tax in the case of reinvestment of profits eliminates the need to make monthly or quarterly advance payments, which simplifies accounting processes.


Support for investments
and development

Estonian CIT is particularly beneficial for companies that plan to invest in development. Thanks to the possibility of deferring tax burdens until the distribution of profits, enterprises can manage capital more effectively and invest in new projects or technologies.


and tax predictability

This system offers greater transparency and predictability. Companies are better able to plan their finances because tax burdens are more predictable and directly related to the distribution of profits.

How to use Estonian CIT?

BTLA, as a professional company specializing in BPO services, tax consultancy, law and accounting, can play a key role in the process of transition to Estonian CIT. Here’s how BTLA can support businesses in each of the three steps of the process:


Comprehensive analysis of conditions and requirements

Using the knowledge and experience of BTLA experts, enterprises can receive a detailed analysis of the conditions and requirements related to Estonian CIT. BTLA advisors will help you identify whether your company meets all the criteria necessary to use this system. Additionally, BTLA offers support in assessing potential benefits and challenges, as well as in adapting your tax strategy to the new system.


Preparation of documentation and changes in accounting

BTLA provides the necessary support in preparing the required documentation and in adapting accounting processes to the requirements of the Estonian CIT. The company’s experts can help make appropriate changes to accounting systems, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing tax processes. In addition, BTLA can assist in communicating with the tax office and in preparing and submitting the necessary returns.


Implementation and monitoring

After implementing Estonian CIT, BTLA can continue to support the company by offering regular financial monitoring and analysis. Thanks to this, companies can effectively manage their finances in the new tax system, maximizing the benefits from reinvestment of profits. BTLA experts will also keep up to date with changes in tax regulations to ensure clients have up-to-date knowledge and compliance with applicable requirements.

Why is it worth choosing us?

Individual approach

At BTLA, each client is treated uniquely, with a full understanding of their unique needs and goals, which allows us to create personalized solutions.


Our team consists of diverse experts from various fields who collaborate to provide comprehensive and interdisciplinary solutions tailored to your business challenges.

Long-term partnership

At BTLA, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support and advice at every stage of the development of their business and personal wealth.


Frequently asked questions

Can every company benefit from Estonian CIT?

Estonian CIT is available to limited liability companies. and joint-stock companies that meet certain criteria, such as not paying dividends and reinvesting profits. It is worth consulting a BTLA tax advisor to make sure your company qualifies for this scheme and to understand all the requirements involved.

What are the main benefits of switching to Estonian CIT?

The main benefits of switching to Estonian CIT include delaying tax burdens until the profits are paid, simplified tax settlements, and greater opportunities to reinvest profits. This solution can significantly support the company’s development while offering greater tax transparency and predictability.

Is switching to Estonian CIT complicated?

The process of switching to Estonian CIT requires a thorough analysis and adjustment of accounting processes. BTLA offers comprehensive support in this process, helping to prepare appropriate documentation, adapt accounting systems and ensure compliance with regulations. Thanks to the support of our experts, this transition can be significantly simplified and tailored to the individual needs of your company.

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