Tax audit

Company tax audit

The result of a tax audit carried out by BTLA law firms may not only be a report on mistakes or omissions made by the entrepreneur. A tax audit is also a very good opportunity to identify areas of possible tax optimization. Our BTLA team, when conducting a tax audit, also tries to show our clients whether they are implementing the content of tax regulations in the correct way. In the event of irregularities, he receives detailed guidelines on how to correct the errors so that he feels safe in the event of an actual tax or customs and fiscal audit. In addition, we indicate the areas of possible optimization activities and also in this area, the entrepreneur can count on our help in taking appropriate actions to recover overpaid taxes.

How will BTLA conduct a tax audit to support your business?

  • We will support you in identifying any tax irregularities in the areas under investigation.
  • we will make a proposal to remove the detected irregularities, while minimizing the financial consequences of erroneous actions.
  • We will advise which areas are characterized by a high level of tax risk.
  • We will support efforts to reduce unjustified tax burdens.
  • we will support in recognizing sensitive areas that from the formal side are not questionable, but in practice may be challenged.
  • we will advise on the correctness of settlements in indirect and direct taxes. o we will verify the correctness of contracts and transactions in terms of tax consequences.
  • We will conduct identification and verification of company procedures related to compliance with due diligence in the selection of contractors.

How will our tax audit help your business?

A high tax risk is the recognition by the tax office that the company is avoiding taxation. As part of our tax audit, we will prepare an assessment of the company’s operation in terms of possible recognition of the artificiality of business solutions in terms of the possibility of applying the anti-tax avoidance clause, which will help reduce the occurrence of such risk.

    It’s worth doing a tax audit with a professional advisor like BTLA, because our help sets us apart:

    • Efficiency and effective performance – we successfully support our clients in often complex tax audits covering many areas, requiring high competence.


    • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, we identify irregularities, we present proposals for their removal, we advise which areas are characterized by a high level of tax risk, we focus on comprehensive solutions to our clients’ problems.
    • Expertise in the area of tax audits and reviews – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys and legal advisers as well as multidisciplinary experts who are distinguished by many years of experience in tax audit processes, helping entrepreneurs significantly reduce tax risk.


    • Individual approach to the client – during the tax audit process, we keep you informed about key issues, adjusting the solution best suited to the specificity of our client’s problem.