Tax review

Company tax review

At the BTLA law firm, we have been providing our clients with tax review services for many years. Our many years of experience in working with tax authorities and knowledge of the procedures used by tax administration authorities allow us to be fluent in tax regulations. Thanks to our broad competence, we offer comprehensive tax reviews verifying the correctness of the applied methodology and tax settlements in selected areas (income taxes, VAT, excise duty, transfer pricing and other taxes) and tax reviews verifying current settlements, as a result of which we propose and implement structures that improve liquidity from the point of view of income taxes, VAT and excise duties.

How will a tax review done by BTLA help your business?

  • We will conduct a comprehensive and thorough analysis and verification of legal and tax documentation, including the identification of risks associated with potential irregularities in this area.
  • We will identify areas of risk where irregularities may occur and help select practical solutions to manage these areas.
  • We will provide full legal support and representation before tax administration authorities and administrative courts.
  • We will provide full legal services in the preparation of legal opinions, letters and explanations during customs and tax inspections, tax audits and tax proceedings, as well as in challenging decisions of tax authorities and decisions of administrative courts.

Why use our tax review service?

An important practical aspect of the tax review, addressed to the main decision makers, is the possibility of minimizing the risk associated with potential penal and fiscal liability of persons managing and responsible for preparing settlements by proposing appropriate procedures and solutions.


    What makes our tax review service different?

    • Efficiency and effective performance – we successfully conduct numerous complex tax reviews for our clients, often requiring high competence. Thanks to this, we carry out smaller projects very efficiently.


    • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from a thorough analysis and verification of documentation, through risk identification and selection of practical, durable solutions.
      • Expertise in the area of tax audits and reviews – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multi-discipline experts who are distinguished by comprehensive experience resulting from many tax reviews carried out, enabling them to propose better and better solutions to reduce tax risk.


      • Individual approach to the client – during the tax review, we keep you informed about the key issues, adjusting the solution best suited to the specificity of our client’s problem.