IP Box relief

Obtaining IP Box relief

The IP Box relief is a tax preference that allows you to reduce your income tax from 19 to 5%. Both sole proprietorships and companies can be subject to the tax, regardless of their length of service on the market. The beneficiary of this preference may be an entrepreneur investing in research and development activities, who will develop a new technology, reserve it and obtain income from its commercialization. It is worth noting that the use of the IP Box relief does not result in the inability to benefit from the R&D relief at the same time. The BTLA law firm offers professional tax advice, including explanations of the IP Box relief, thanks to which innovative business owners can pay lower tax.

How can BTLA help your company get IP BOX relief?

    • we will check and determine whether the taxpayer has qualified rights,
    • we will support you in calculating the income calculation coefficient,
    • we will support you in the tax records of the IP Box relief,
    • we will analyze R&D works and related costs,
    • we will prepare documentation allowing for safe use of the IP Box relief,
      • we will support in the preparation of tax returns,
      • we will prepare an application for a tax interpretation regarding the possibility of using the IP BOX relief,
      • we will support you with representation before tax administration authorities in the course of verification activities and tax audits in connection with the tax relief application.

        Why is it worth taking advantage of BTLA’s support in obtaining the IP BOX relief?

        The IP BOX relief is a great opportunity to save the company’s financial resources. Taking advantage of the relief, however, requires proper preparation and security. That is why we treat each of the inquiries sent individually. We will help you determine whether you qualify for the IP Box program. We will provide comprehensive legal and accounting advice on PIT or CIT tax settlements with IP BOX relief. We focus on providing legal security and optimal tax burden during tax settlement.

        What distinguishes our support service in obtaining the IP BOX relief?

        • Efficiency and effective performance – we successively obtain further IP BOX reliefs for our clients, including in very complex cases requiring high competence.
        • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from the analysis of whether the taxpayer has qualified rights, through the calculation of income from qualified IP and the nexus index, preparation of documentation and preparation of a tax return, we provide not only tax advisory services, but above all specific and durable solutions.
          • Expertise in the area of IP BOX relief – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisors as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by comprehensive experience in successfully obtaining IP BOX relief.
          • Individual approach to the client – when obtaining the IP BOX relief, we keep you informed about key issues, adjusting the solution best suited to the situation of our client.