Polish Investment Zone

Polish Investment Zone

The Polish Investment Zone means that every zloty spent on an investment in a company may entitle you to an income tax exemption. The condition is to obtain a decision to support the investment. Expenses for investments in production or provision of services will provide public aid, available in the form of CIT or PIT income tax exemptions. The state aid limit depends on the amount of investment expenditure or employment costs, location and status of the entrepreneur. The period of validity of the investment support decision is, depending on the location, 10, 12 or 15 years, that is how long the organization has to take advantage of the tax exemption. The BTLA team helps clients take advantage of the reliefs, along with information on what conditions must be met, as well as what the maximum amount of relief can be obtained.

How can BTLA help your organization take advantage of the relief under the Polish Investment Zone program?

      • conducting an analysis of the possibility of obtaining a decision on support,
      • carrying out a simulation of the amount of public aid that can be obtained,
      • we will provide comprehensive support in the procedure for obtaining a decision on support,
      • we will help identify expenses in terms of their impact on the amount of state aid,
        • we will advise on the settlement of public aid,
        • we will recommend changes to internal documents and policies,
        • we will support you in obtaining individual interpretations,
        • we will help in the event of actions of the tax authorities.

          BTLA’s assistance in obtaining relief from the Polish Investment Zone program

          We provide professional legal advice at all stages of investment planning and implementation using support mechanisms within the Polish Investment Zone. In particular, we will help you determine the amount of the exemption you are entitled to, which is determined by the so-called aid intensity coefficient. In addition, we conduct negotiations with the managers of special economic zones and support in the preparation of investment offers and applications for a decision on support. We represent investors in proceedings regarding changes to decisions on support.

          What distinguishes our support service in obtaining relief from the Polish Investment Zone?

          • Efficiency and effective implementation – we successively obtain further reliefs from the Polish Investment Zone program for our clients, including in very complex cases requiring high competence.
          • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from the analysis of the possibility of obtaining a decision, through simulation of the amount of public aid possible to obtain and preparation of documentation, we provide not only tax advisory services, but above all specific and durable solutions.
          • Expertise in the area of obtaining state aid – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, advocates and legal advisors as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by comprehensive experience in successfully obtaining support under the Polish Investment Zone program.
          • Individual approach to the client – during the process of obtaining relief from the Polish Investment Zone program, we keep you informed about key issues, adjusting the solution best suited to our client’s situation.