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R&D relief – tax advice

The research and development relief is an attractive tax instrument that allows for a significant reduction of the tax liability. The Polish Order additionally made this relief more attractive by allowing it to be combined with the IP BOX relief. The R&D relief allows entrepreneurs to benefit from an additional deduction of expenses incurred on research and development. Thanks to it, companies can significantly reduce the income tax payable, and in many cases also recover overpaid tax for the last few years. The BTLA team provides a comprehensive legal and tax support service at all stages of the process of applying for relief for research and development (R&D).

How can BTLA help your company get R&D relief?

  • we will analyze the company’s activities in terms of identifying research and development works,
  • we will verify the expenses incurred, which may be eligible costs,
  • we will help in the preparation of research and development documentation and the separation of eligible costs in the tax records,
  • we will secure the right to take advantage of the R&D relief by obtaining an individual interpretation,
  • we will help you prepare a tax return with a CIT/BR or PIT/BR attachment and an application for overpayment,
  • we will support you in possible contacts with tax authorities, in the preparation of letters and explanations.

    Why is it worth taking advantage of BTLA’s help in obtaining a research and development relief?

    We have helped our clients obtain a research and development relief, which is why we are aware of how beneficial and safe it is a solution, which is addressed to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business and industry, who develop new products, processes or services. By deciding to support the BTLA, our specialists will help you calculate the benefits of implementing the R&D relief in your company. If the results turn out to be favorable, we will help you implement the relief in a way that guarantees the greatest safety.

    What distinguishes our support service in obtaining a research and development relief?

    • Efficiency and effective performance – we successively obtain further research and development reliefs for our clients, including in very complex cases requiring high competence.
    • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from the analysis of the company’s operations, through verification of incurred expenses, preparation of documentation and preparation of tax returns, we provide not only tax advisory services, but above all specific and durable solutions.
    • Expertise in the field of research and development relief – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys and legal advisors as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by comprehensive experience in successfully obtaining research and development relief.
    • Individual approach to the client – in the process of obtaining the research and development relief, we keep you informed about key issues on an ongoing basis, matching the best solution to the specificity of our client’s project.