Business process analysis

Analysis of business processes as part of transfer pricing

Business process analysis is an integral part of managing any enterprise, including in the context of transfer pricing. At BTLA, we approach this issue with full commitment, offering a comprehensive business process analysis service. Understanding the business processes that determine the value created by your company is crucial to the correct understanding and application of transfer pricing regulations. By analyzing these processes, we can determine which activities, assets and risks are relevant to generating income, and thus what are the price relationships between related entities within your enterprise.

Scope of business process analysis service

Our service includes a review and analysis of business processes, identification of transactions between related entities, as well as support in the implementation and monitoring of a transfer pricing policy in line with your business strategy. All of this is done with an eye toward optimizing tax burdens and compliance. By using BTLA services, you gain access to our knowledge, experience and innovative tools that will help you better understand and optimize your business processes. Our team of specialists will constantly monitor changing regulations and market conditions to provide you with up-to-date information and recommendations.

Our specialties

Scope of transfer pricing services

Consultancy in the field of transfer pricing is, in particular:

      Business process mapping

      The first step is to understand and document the company’s business processes. This includes identifying key processes, resources, risks and added value within these processes.

      Transfer pricing analysis

      Then, a transfer pricing analysis is carried out for the identified transactions, which includes the selection of an appropriate transfer pricing method and comparison with market prices.

      Identification of related transactions

      Based on the understanding of business processes, related transactions that require the application of transfer pricing regulations can be identified.

      Development and implementation of transfer pricing policy

      Based on the results of the analysis, a transfer pricing policy is developed, which is then implemented in the company. This policy should be regularly monitored and updated to ensure its compliance with applicable regulations and market conditions.