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Transfer pricing documentation

In the dynamic world of business, where transactions between related entities are commonplace, proper management of transfer pricing documentation becomes crucial. BTLA offers comprehensive services in the preparation, analysis and management of transfer pricing documentation, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and minimizing tax risk.

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Tax advisory

Transfer pricing

Regulatory Compliance: Proper transfer pricing documentation is required by tax law to ensure that transactions between related parties occur at arm’s length.

Minimizing tax risk: Accurate and up-to-date documentation helps avoid tax adjustments and potential disputes with tax authorities.

Optimizing your tax strategy: By analyzing transactions and properly documenting them, companies can better understand and optimize their tax strategies.

Transactions with related entities

Preparation of transfer pricing documentation

With BTLA, managing transfer pricing documentation becomes simpler and more effective, allowing your company to focus on its core business activities.


Development and analysis of documentation

BTLA provides support in developing full transfer pricing documentation, tailored to the specifics and requirements of your company. We analyze transactions, indicate pricing methods and prepare the necessary documents.


Strategic consulting

We offer advice on the optimization of transfer prices and tax strategies, helping in the effective and compliant valuation of transactions between related entities.


Support in tax audits

In the event of tax audits, BTLA provides support and representation, helping to defend adopted valuation and documentation methods.


Team training

BTLA also offers transfer pricing training and workshops, allowing internal teams to better understand the requirements and best practices in this area.

What sets us apart?

Individual approach

We treat each project individually, tailoring our services to your unique needs and business goals.


We advise clients in a comprehensive manner – both at the level of the Commercial Companies Code and civil, criminal and tax law.

Long-term partnership

We are ready to be your partner at every stage of your company’s development, from establishing a limited liability company to expansion into foreign markets and mergers and acquisitions. With our support you will not regret your decisions.


Frequently asked questions

Does every company have to prepare transfer pricing documentation?

Transfer pricing documentation must be prepared by companies that transact with related entities and exceed certain thresholds. BTLA will help you assess your company’s obligations in this area.

What are the consequences of not having proper transfer pricing documentation?

Lack of proper transfer pricing documentation may lead to tax adjustments, penalties and an increased risk of disputes with tax authorities.

Lack of proper transfer pricing documentation may lead to tax adjustments, penalties and an increased risk of disputes with tax authorities.

Dokumentację cen transferowych zaleca się aktualizować co roku, aby odzwierciedlała aktualne warunki rynkowe i zmiany w działalności firmy.

Transfer pricing documentation with the help of BTLA experts!