Łukasz Oleś

Professional Profile

Attorney at the Bar Association in Katowice. He graduated from the Department of Law and Administration of the Silesian University in Katowice with the degree in law. He served his legal training in one of the most reputable law offices in Silesia. Prior to that, he spent many years working for major players in the insurance industry, where he was involved in liquidation of corporation damages, insurance risk assessment and fraud prevention. He currently focuses his practice on banking, insurance and criminal cases, in particular concernin. crimes against financial institutions. He believes that practicing as an attorney consists of providing services to all those who need it, regardless of their current situation. His motto is the words of the Roman jurist Ulpian Domitius: “Advocatus non accusat – Attorney does not accuse”


He has conducted numerous court cases successfully. He also won unconventional and seemingly lost cases. He is committed to each, even the smallest case, to ensure that the client’s interests are properly protected. He is one of the leading attorneys handling foreign currency loan cases.