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Tax procedures – domestic and foreign MDR reporting

The modern business world requires companies not only to understand complex tax regulations, but also to effectively manage their MDR reporting obligations.
BTLA, as an experienced tax advisor, offers comprehensive services in the field of tax procedures and MDR reporting, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and optimization of tax processes.

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MDR tax obligations

MDR reporting

Regulatory Compliance: Domestic and foreign MDR reporting is a legal requirement in the European Union and many other jurisdictions. It ensures transparency in tax planning and is crucial to avoiding tax risks and sanctions.

Tax risk management: Effective domestic and foreign MDR reporting allows you to manage tax risk, protecting your company from unforeseen consequences related to non-compliant tax planning.

By working with BTLA, your company can effectively manage domestic and foreign MDR reporting requirements, minimizing tax risk and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our team of experts is here to help with every aspect of tax procedures and MDR reporting.


Domestic and foreign MDR reporting

With constantly changing regulations and the complexity of cross-border transactions, proper management and reporting of MDR is becoming a key aspect of risk management and tax compliance in companies.

BTLA, through its experience and expertise, plays a key role in ensuring our clients effectively meet these challenges, ensuring regulatory compliance and optimizing their tax processes.


Comprehensive advice and support in MDR reporting

BTLA offers comprehensive advice and support services in identifying MDR reporting obligations, ensuring your business is fully compliant.


Analysis of transactions and tax mechanisms

We conduct a detailed analysis of all transactions and tax planning mechanisms to identify those that are subject to MDR reporting.


Support in the MDR reporting process

We offer assistance in the entire reporting process – from preparing documentation, through submitting reports, to advice on any questions or inspections by tax authorities.


Training and education for client teams

BTLA also provides educational support by organizing training and workshops for client teams on MDR requirements. These educational sessions are designed to increase internal teams’ awareness and understanding of MDR regulations, making it easier to manage liabilities and ensure better internal regulatory compliance.

What sets us apart?

Individual approach

We treat each project individually, tailoring our services to your unique needs and business goals.


We advise clients in a comprehensive manner – both at the level of the Commercial Companies Code and civil, criminal and tax law.

Long-term partnership

We are ready to be your partner at every stage of your company’s development, from establishing a limited liability company to expansion into foreign markets and mergers and acquisitions. With our support you will not regret your decisions.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly is MDR and who must use it?

MDR is a reporting mechanism for cross-border tax planning schemes that requires entities and tax advisors to report certain tax arrangements to the relevant authorities. This applies to both companies and their tax advisors.

What are the consequences of failing to report required information under MDR?

Failure to report the required information may result in administrative and financial sanctions and may negatively impact the company’s reputation.

How often should MDR reporting be done?

Reporting under MDR is a continuous process and depends on the nature and number of transactions or tax planning schemes. BTLA helps monitor reporting obligations and provides support in their ongoing fulfillment.

MDR reporting with the help of BTLA experts!