Tax risk management

Tax advisory and risk management

BTLA has been providing tax risk management services for many years. The risk most often results from dynamic changes in the law and their ambiguity, which results in discrepancies in the interpretation of regulations by tax administration authorities and courts. Our experienced team of experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of the facts and future events, develop and implement solutions with the client that will improve the situation of the company, while minimizing the tax risk, as well as civil and criminal liability.

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How can BTLA help your organization manage tax risk?

  • We will support in the identification of tax risks occurring in the enterprise.
  • We will implement procedures and actions, resulting in the elimination or reduction of identified risks.
  • We will implement processes resulting in the elimination of erroneous billing.
  • we will help in the development and implementation of good communication between the financial department and other departments in enterprises, allowing for the control of tax decisions and knowledge base management in order to save time and costs (effective use of available data)
  • We will support in the implementation of MDR procedures.
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Why entrust tax risk management to BTLA?

We will secure two key areas, implement actions limiting the penal and fiscal liability of persons responsible for company management, and support risk management activities that may lead to an improvement in the company’s financial result or its non-deterioration due to the lack of appropriate procedures. Proper tax risk management can lead to minimization of tax risks, which is why it is advisable to support professional entities such as BTLA.

What sets our tax risk management assistance apart?

  • Efficiency and effective performance – we actively advise on tax risk management. We have successfully handled numerous complex cases requiring high competence, ensuring real benefits for our clients.


  • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, starting from the identification of tax risks, then presenting solutions and implementation proposals, solving our clients’ problems in a comprehensive way,
  • Expertise in the area of tax risk management – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by comprehensive practical experience in tax risk management, helping our clients significantly reduce tax risk.


  • Individual approach to the client – in the process of tax risk management, we keep you informed about key issues on an ongoing basis, tailoring the solution best suited to the specificity of our client’s problem.