Damage assistance

Liquidation of the company – damage assistance

The BTLA, within the framework of the so-called damage assistance, effectively enforces conclusion of liquidation proceedings favourable for a client with the help of a specialised team of technical experts and damage liquidators supported by a legal department. Every economic entity, including financial institutions such as Insurance Companies, is focused on maximising its profits. Therefore, it is natural for Insurers, acting within the limits of the law in force, as well as general terms of insurance developed by them, to strive to minimise losses related to payment of compensation for damage. This is most often achieved by failing to take responsibility for the damage in the face of presented circumstances of a given event or by paying compensation that is inadequate to actual costs of damage repair.

What is claims assistance?

Damage Assistance is a comprehensive protection against the above-mentioned effects of Insurers’ actions, concerning also improper fulfilling of concluded agreements by insurance companies, or biased interpretations of the GIC (General Insurance Conditions) and causes and circumstances of damage events.

The BTLA claim assistance service, due to its complementarity, is a unique service of this type on the Polish market, addressed to business entities. We ensure indemnification to our clients by combining our knowledge of insurance, legal and technical aspects of loss adjustment.

5 services that make up the claim assistance

Investigation of damages

Scope of service:

  • review and identification of damage
  • obtaining documentation from insurers and its verification
  • collecting and supplementing documents in context of a loss being liquidated
  • conducting ongoing correspondence with an insurance company
  • drafting letters of appeal, complaints, and claims to the Financial Ombudsman and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • negotiating and concluding conciliation agreements on behalf of a client
  • representing a client in court
  • analysis of closed liquidation proceedings and resubmission of claims in order to obtain or increase an adequate compensation
  • submitting omitted claims on behalf of a client (e.g., personal injury, depreciation of a vehicle as a result of a road collision etc.)

    Carrying out visual inspections of property after an event of damage

    Scope of service:

    • verification of technical, functional and aesthetic condition of movable or immovable property
    • preparation of precise photographic documentation
    • preparation of damage protocol or technical report, taking of required measurements and determination of technical and material parameters of the damaged object
    • determination of the actual loss amount
    • classification of damage: partial or total
    • analysis of the extent of damage in the context of optimising amount of compensation
    • performing post-repair inspections to verify a service provided by an authorised specialist repairer or service centre

    Expert opinions

    Scope of service:

    • determination of direct and indirect causes of damage (e.g., source of fire, flooding, overvoltage and their genesis)
    • determination of the causal relationship between the event and the damage – examination and demonstration of liability in the case – a wide range of handled damages (machinery, electrical and electronic, fire, construction, financial, transport, etc.)
    • a final report signed by an appraiser-expert as a result of our work (a form of an expert opinion)

    Full damage assistance

    Scope of service:

      • conducting the entire loss adjustment process on behalf of a client from actual occurrence of a loss to its successful conclusion
      • verification of concluded policy and provisions of the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) together with preparation of relevant documentation
      • detailed identification of loss and its proper documenting
      • notification of loss to insurance company
      • monitoring the progress in claims settlement, including by participating in inspections and expert opinions of its subject, i.e. the so-called “controlling the actions of the adjuster”
      • verification of cost estimates, valuations and other proposals of an insurance company – making own calculations, reports and opinions resulting in maximization of a compensation due
      • preparation of appeal letters, complaints, complaints
      • contact with persons supervising loss adjustment processes in each insurance company
      • representing a client in court

    Preparation and verification of cost estimates, calculations and valuations of damaged or insurable property

    Scope of service:

      • preparation of cost estimates and valuations in expert systems (Audatex, Eurotax, Info-Ekspert, Kobra, Norma etc.)
      • verification of valuations and estimates prepared by the insurance company or other expert entities
      • preparation of calculations in property damage (movable property, machinery, electronic equipment, immovable property, etc.)
      • valuation of property for insurance or after an event of damage for the purpose of its liquidation (specialised vehicles, untypical movables, professional machines, technical mega-systems, etc.)
      • preparation of repair proposal, indicating an appropriate service company capable of carrying the repair out
      • calculation of total loss
      • assistance in management of remainders