Succession in the company

Succession plan for the company

Succession in the family business

Legal services – succession in a company

Building a solidly operating company involves a lot of effort and many sacrifices. However, nothing lasts forever and the company will have to be handed over to its successors sooner or later. It is worth preparing much earlier for the succession procedure in the company, because it is a process that in some cases may take even several years, and the further fate of our company depends on its success. The BTLA offer includes e.g. preparation of the concept of a succession plan in the enterprise (or family business) and its implementation.


Our specialties

Legal service in preparation of succession in the company


Audit of the company in terms of the implementation of the succession plan

We analyze the structure of your company and assess readiness for the succession process. Our audit provides a specific diagnosis and recommendations that will enable you to successfully implement your succession plan.

Preparation of comprehensive documentation for the succession plan

We create a full set of documents needed to effectively carry out the succession process. Our documentation covers both legal and operational aspects to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition to successors.

Conduct interviews with potential successors

We conduct delicate and professional talks with potential successors to understand their expectations and capabilities. Our goal is to find the best solution that will serve the interests of both your company and those involved in the succession process.

Tax support in the succession procedure

We help in optimizing the tax aspect of the succession process, always in accordance with applicable law. Our knowledge and experience in tax law allows us to support you in making decisions that will minimize potential tax burdens.