EU project audit

EU project audit service

At BTLA, we conduct internal and external audits, including statutory activities, EU projects and targeted subsidies. We conduct the audit in order to find possible inconsistencies, incomplete processes, duplicated tasks, as well as unnecessary costs. The primary objective of the audit is to provide the audited entity with recommendations regarding methods to improve the entity’s operations. The audit largely performs an advisory function for the management. Its key aspect is the verification whether the objective set by the audited organization has been achieved or its activities are in accordance with accepted standards, status and practices. We carry out audits of EU projects taking into account the applicable legal acts of the European Union and Polish regulations. The audit procedures are adapted to the specific nature of the fund, the nature of the project, the stage of project implementation, the existence of an internal audit function and the specific requirements of the audit agreement.

What is claims assistance?

Damage Assistance is a comprehensive protection against the above-mentioned effects of Insurers’ actions, concerning also improper fulfilling of concluded agreements by insurance companies, or biased interpretations of the GIC (General Insurance Conditions) and causes and circumstances of damage events.

The BTLA claim assistance service, due to its complementarity, is a unique service of this type on the Polish market, addressed to business entities. We ensure indemnification to our clients by combining our knowledge of insurance, legal and technical aspects of loss adjustment.

How can BTLA help your organization audit an EU project?

  • we will verify the effectiveness of management and internal control systems, with particular emphasis on the control of project implementation and spending of funds,
  • we will analyze and assess the risks associated with the implementation of the project,
  • we will examine the implementation of the project in terms of compliance with the contract and program guidelines as well as legal regulations,
  • we will analyze and assess the correctness of the application of public procurement procedures,
  • we will check the compliance of the actions taken with the project description and the material and financial schedule,
    • we will analyze and assess the degree of achievement of the material and financial objectives of the project,
    • we will examine and assess the correctness of the accounting system, the reporting system and the project implementation reporting system, including in detail the correctness of the preparation of the financial statement on the project implementation,
    • we will analyze the correctness of documenting incurred expenses,
    • we will verify the expenses in terms of their eligibility,
    • we will verify the application of the information and promotion rules.

      What distinguishes our EU project audit service?

      • Efficiency and effective performance – we successfully help our clients in often complex audits of EU projects covering many areas, requiring high competence.
      • Comprehensive solutions – we offer comprehensive solutions, we will verify the implementation of your project in a comprehensive way, including whether the expenses incurred under the EU project are eligible and the manner of its implementation is in accordance with the contract, we provide not only professional consulting services, but above all specific and durable solutions.
          • Expertise in the field of audits of EU projects – the BTLA team consists of tax advisors, attorneys-at-law and legal advisers as well as multiple disciplinary experts who are distinguished by many years of experience in auditing EU projects, helping entrepreneurs verify all key issues.
          • Individual approach to the client – in the process of auditing an EU project, we keep you informed about key issues, adjusting the solution best suited to the specificity of our client’s project.