Transaction documents

Transaction documents

Documentation and the proper referencing of its scope to the nature of a business, an investment process or a sales transaction is a key task that we as BTLA BA face in our ongoing work with clients. Each of the business patterns mentioned above is slightly different in the way it comes to final form of documentation – often
the deciding factor is:

  • possible/expected lead time,
  • scale of business operations, or
  • simply an expectation of a so-called third party appearing in a transaction.

Organizing the current business reality

Nevertheless, our goal during the execution of such a project is one – to put our client’s current business reality in order. This allows both the client and business partners using such type of studies to better understand:

  • how an enterprise operates,
  • key resources,
  • competitive advantages
  • current directions of development, as well as those potential ones
Based on the documents formulated in this way, intra-enterprise processes can be introduced/improved, as well as being used to carry out external processes, such as obtaining of:

  • financing for projects/enterprise
  • capital investor
  • industrial investor
    or sale and purchase of an enterprise.

The documentation prepared and used most often is:

  • document circulation scheme – it is a process aiming at capturing and standardizing the information circulation processes within an enterprise and presenting them in one document. Most often, it is also the basis for implementation of IT systems, which aim to automate such processes. As BTLA BA, we most often recommend using Navigator as a solution.
  • investment teaser – this is the simplest form of a document informing about the company,
    its scope of operation and financial results. This type of document is most often used in M&A processes.

    • investment memorandum – a document that is an extension of the investment teaser and is a more detailed description of an enterprise
    • that is no longer anonymized, as often happens in the case of a teaser. It is the basis to make final decisions by an investor in investment processes.