Preparing a company for sale

The process of preparing the company for sale

Deciding to sell a company is always the beginning of a process which, depending on the business assumptions made, can take from several months to over a year. Each time, however, it is a decision on the owners’ part, which is most often driven by desire:

  • to monetise existing work and exit a business
  • to monetise part of or all a shareholding and invest in another business
  • to ensure (external) succession in running a business
  • to consolidate and need to grow a business with a business partner

    These, of course, are just a few of the reasons that encourage entrepreneurs to start such a process. Most often, as soon as a decision is made, the question arises – How to start? And what, in this case, will be effective in terms of possibly short time of execution of the whole transaction, as well as in terms of possible (high) valuation to be obtained.

    Sale of the company

    BTLA BA has achieved a high level of specialization in this kind of processes – preparation of a company for sale, due to the fact that many processes of a company sale or purchase transactions have been carried out. Our experience in this field and the ability to look at the whole transaction from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective, has allowed us to greatly simplify the way in which full documentation is prepared for our clients, and to provide comfortable execution of financial audits, which are necessary in this type of operations. What is also not to be underestimated is that BTLA BA ensures complete discretion in this type of activity, which is always important from the point of view of securing against activities of our clients’ competitors, as well as ensuring discretion of activities towards the client’s employees.

      BTLA BA provides:

          • financial and accounting audits
          • audits of operational processes: sales, logistics, marketing, IT
          • preparation of information teasers
          • preparation of information memorandums
          • Active search for investors
          • assistance in the Due Diligence process after the transaction (buyout).