Family Office

The services of our Family Office department assume the use of various solutions that are aimed at securing and transforming existing family businesses into strong and durable, multi-generational institutions.

    Family Office

    Family businesses often have huge assets, their owners deal not only with business, but also with philanthropic activities. The purpose of our Family Office service is to ensure the safe and most effective growth of accumulated capital through an effective and comprehensive approach, e.g. to legal, tax or financial matters. Our group includes top-class experts in all the most important fields of the economy, which is why we provide our clients with full service, from the creation of appropriate individual investment structures, through consulting, tax and legal advice, financing and insurance and many others, to lifestyle issues.

      Intergenerational succession

      Intergenerational succession in a family business, if not well planned, is often a bone of contention and causes many extremely difficult problems, both legal and emotional. Fears about the future of their assets and the future in general are nothing irrational, but many family business owners try not to think about it, much less talk about it. Usually, in the heads of the owners (and most often also the founders from scratch) of family businesses, there is an awareness that it is natural that the business will be taken over by a child who may not have actively participated in running the business, but he can see how it works.

        In many cases, this thinking is wrong and, unfortunately, it is often the result of not having a plan against our fears about the future. Fortunately, they can be effectively limited by planning a reasonable succession process, i.e. transferring assets, including the company, to selected people.

        In Poland, about 60% of companies are family businesses that generate about 50% of GDP and guarantee about 2/3 of all jobs. According to various sources, only about 20% of family businesses have an established and written succession plan.

          Succession plan

          A good succession plan is not quick and simple, but it allows you to effectively secure the key areas of the company’s operations, especially the financial ones. It often protects the owner’s family against the need to declare bankruptcy and the inability to continue running the business. It also secures contracts, concessions and contracts. It allows you to repay financial liabilities, e.g. in the form of funds from loans or leases. In the absence of a succession plan, e.g. in the event of the death of the company owner, relatives face not only a difficult period of mourning, but also a long-term and usually costly inheritance process. At the same time, they face ongoing running of the company and expenses related to, for example, repayment of liabilities to creditors.

          An additional difficult issue is if the heirs who are minors participate in the inheritance process, then there are additional restrictions related to the takeover of the inheritance and, for example, the inability to maintain the concessions held by the company or sell any part of the property, e.g. real estate.

          At Family Office, we rely on long-term plans and relationships aimed at transforming the company into a strong institution, giving a sense of security and development opportunities to the next generations.