Mergers and acquisitions

Conducting a merger or acquisition

M&A processes are an important part of the business ecosystem, regardless of the situation the economy is in or what market parameters are currently functioning on it. They include within their scop:
– disposal of the entire enterprise or
– its parts – organized part of the enterprise (ZCP)
This is a very important feature of this type of transaction, because from a seller’s point of view – it gives them the opportunity to monetise all or only part of his existing activities as an entrepreneur. The sale of the OPE may be due to the fact that, for some reason, it is no longer attractive to them due to direction of remaining part of enterprise – or they simply see a business opportunity and high growth from investment and possibility of financing this remaining part of business.

    Assistance in conducting a merger or acquisition of a company

    As BTLA BA we support these types of processes at every stage of their implementation, which means that we can:
    – be responsible for carrying out the entire M&A process
    – implementation of only the designated part, in accordance with the customer’s expectations
    – implementation of activities from a specific stage, already started process

    This type of flexibility in the implementation of our activities results from our experience in many M&A projects that we have had the opportunity to implement, importantly considering the wide variety of industries for which we have worked, i.e.: manufacturing of industrial machinery parts, trading and brokerage of raw materials, media and advertising, education and many others.

      From our perspective, we include the M&A process in the following stages:
      – Preliminary analysis
      – Construction of the teaser
      – Presenting the teaser to investors
      – Building an information memorandum
      – Due diligence
      – Carrying out the transaction
      – Support of after-sales processes

      The merger or acquisition process

      At BTLA BA we have adopted such division due to the need to standardise the processes/steps from the perspective of both sellers and buyers. This is because, being a business advisor with many years of experience, we can act as a support company on either side of a transaction. We can support and execute process of selling an enterprise and look from a seller’s perspective – looking for an appropriate individual or financial investor. On the other hand, in the case of implementing a purchase transaction, we are able to appropriately arrange the parameter of expectations on a buyer’s side. Capturing the differences and elements of an offer advantage in each of these two cases gives us a significant competitive advantage and makes us valuable as a long-term business partner for our clients.