Marek Piórkowski

Marek Piórkowski

Professional Profile

Experienced business advisor specializing in comprehensive human resources management and company transformation. He has qualifications obtained during higher education in human resources management, and his over 25 years of experience in the industry make him an expert in the field of consulting. His practice includes developing strategies, identifying and implementing transformation processes, as well as supporting companies in succession processes.

His professional career includes positions such as development director and senior manager in various organizations, thanks to which he acquired not only extensive theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills necessary to effectively manage a company in a dynamic business environment. Marek Piórkowski specializes in establishing business partnerships and supporting companies in expanding into new markets, building lasting relationships with clients and partners, which brings benefits both in the short and long term.


Thanks to a rich database of contacts in the industry, Marek Piórkowski effectively advises and supports clients at every stage of their development. He is prepared to take on challenges related to the transformation of companies and ready to support organizations in achieving business success.