Introduction of the National e-Invoice System postponed

The Ministry of Finance has postponed the date of entry into force of the universal obligation to use the National e-Invoice System. Its introduction is still planned, but the specific date is not yet known.

KSeF postponement

The National e-Invoice System was supposed to be the biggest tax revolution introduced in 2024. The huge change in the invoicing process was one of the biggest concerns of entrepreneurs eligible for its implementation. It was supposed to enable convenient issuance, sending and storing invoices in electronic form, and also allow for more thorough control of taxpayers. All this was supposed to take place on July 1 this year.

However, the entry into force of the KSeF was postponed by a statement at the press conference of the Minister of Finance. This decision was motivated by the fear of paralysis in the ability to issue invoices caused by too low daily throughput of the system – which, according to the assumptions, was supposed to enable the issuance of 100 million invoices a day. Specialists indicated that this number was too small and the system would be overloaded in the last days of the month.

This information brought relief to many entrepreneurs, because the changes in the company’s operations resulting from the introduction of KSeF are significant and not everyone would be able to implement the new solutions in time, but some companies that are already ready for changes may feel disadvantaged when they have already made significant financial and work outlays to adapt to the new regulations.

Since when KSeF?

One thing is certain – KSeF will be introduced. However, the question still remains when and who it will cover. The Ministry of Finance has not yet provided answers to these questions.


Joanna Krajewska

Tax Advisor, ACCA


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