Construction insurance

In the field of construction, where risk is an inherent element of every project, ensuring the safety and success of the investment requires particularly well-thought-out protection. We understand how many factors – from the forces of nature, through construction site accidents, to delays in the work schedule – can affect the implementation of the project. That’s why at BTLA Broker we offer comprehensive insurance for the construction industry, which is designed to provide maximum protection at every stage of the construction process.

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Comprehensive insurance for your investment

Our insurance solutions are tailored to a wide range of risks and needs related to various types of construction projects – from new residential investments, through commercial construction facilities, to specialized infrastructure projects. Thanks to our comprehensive offer, you can focus on the success of your project, knowing that it is properly secured.



Trust the experience and professionalism of BTLA Broker in providing comprehensive protection for your construction project.

Our insurance for the construction industry, including Construction and Assembly Risk Insurance (CAR/EAR), construction machinery and equipment insurance, protection against delays and loss of profit, and third party liability insurance, are tailored to the various needs and challenges our employees face. customers. Additionally, our offer also includes accident insurance, company property insurance, insurance guarantees, and property in transport, thus ensuring comprehensive protection at every step of the project implementation.

Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the best insurance solutions, tailored to the specific nature and needs of your business in the construction industry. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance services and how we can support your business’s success.

Construction and assembly risk insurance (CAR/EAR)

It protects against risks related to the construction or assembly process itself, including damage resulting from unfavorable weather conditions, design errors or problems with materials.

Construction machinery and equipment insurance

We offer protection for heavy construction equipment and machinery that is critical to your operations, as well as smaller equipment and tools.

Insurance against delay and loss of profit

Coverage of financial losses resulting from delays in project implementation, enabling financial risk management related to unforeseen downtime.

Civil, professional and business liability

It protects against third-party claims related to property damage or personal injury that may result from the implementation of a construction project.

Accident insurance

It provides protection for workers on construction sites, offering support in the event of accidents.

Company property insurance

Protection of company property, including buildings and structures, tools, equipment and current assets.

Insurance guarantees

They ensure coverage of contractual obligations, including guarantees of payment of the deposit, proper performance of the contract and proper removal of defects and defects, as well as the return of the advance payment. Environmental guarantees are often concluded for various types of contracts.

Insurance of property in transport

It protects company property transported on a project, both domestic and international, from transportation-related risks.

What sets us apart?

insurance for companies insurance broker

Individual approach

We treat each project individually, tailoring the insurance offer to your unique needs and business goals.


We advise clients in a comprehensive manner – both in the areas of insurance and civil, criminal and tax law.

Long-term partnership

We are ready to be your partner at every stage of your company’s development, from the establishment of the company to expansion into foreign markets and dynamic development. With our support you will not regret your decisions.


Frequently asked questions

How does construction and assembly risk insurance (CAR/EAR) differ from standard property insurance?

Construction and Installation Risks Insurance (CAR/EAR) is specifically designed to protect construction and engineering projects against a wide range of risks occurring during construction or installation. It covers not only material damage caused on the construction site, but also possible delays in the completion of the project. In turn, standard property insurance focuses on protecting existing company property, such as buildings, equipment or goods, against damage resulting from fire, theft or other accidental events.

What are the main benefits of having liability insurance for construction companies?

Liability insurance for construction companies provides protection against third-party claims related to property damage or personal injury that may result from a construction project. The main benefits of this type of insurance are:

  • Financial protection against high compensation and legal defense costs.
  • Increasing the credibility of the construction company in the eyes of customers and business partners.
  • Giving you peace of mind that your business is prepared for unforeseen events, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Why is it worth choosing insurance for construction machinery and equipment?

Construction machinery and equipment constitute a significant investment for any construction company, and their damage or loss can seriously disrupt the progress of a construction project. Construction machinery and equipment insurance offers protection against damage resulting from events such as theft, damage as a result of accidents, breakdowns or acts of nature. The benefits of this type of insurance include:

  • Financial protection allowing for quick repair or replacement of damaged machines.
  • Minimizing downtime at work and related financial losses.
  • Possibility to adapt the scope of protection to the specificity and needs of a specific enterprise and project.

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