Legal, tax, accounting and insurance support

Company formation
with limited liability

Are you planning to set up a limited liability company? Discover how comprehensive BTLA services will help you create solid foundations for your business!
With us, you will receive comprehensive legal, tax, accounting and insurance support, which will ensure the optimal start of your company.

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Putting on
limited liability companies

By choosing BTLA support to set up your limited liability company, you benefit from our comprehensive knowledge. Our services include law, taxes, accounting, finance and insurance, providing comprehensive support for your new company.

Our team consists of experts in establishing limited liability companies who have years of practical experience behind them, and their advice is always multi-faceted to provide solutions that are formally correct, tax-optimal and do not cause unnecessary complications in the future. Take advantage of our knowledge to provide your company with the best possible starting conditions.


How to set up a limited liability company
with BTLA –
step by step

Discover the simple and transparent process of establishing a limited liability company. from BTLA. We provide support at every stage, from the first consultations to the implementation of accounting systems.


legal and tax

During legal and tax consultations, we determine whether the company
with limited liability is the optimal legal form for your company, and we also determine the formal and organizational details.


Establishing a limited liability company

We help you go through the process of establishing a limited liability company without unnecessary complications. We complete all formalities
and we make sure that your company does not fall into the so-called false start.


Company registration
in registers and offices

In accordance with the regulations, we register your company in the CRBR register, report it to the tax office, register it for VAT and perform post-registration activities.


Human resources and payroll services
for the new company

Knowing all our arrangements, we transfer your company’s accounting services to our accounting department,
to assure you that it is in the hands of the best specialists.

What sets us apart?

Individual approach

We treat each project individually, tailoring our services to your unique needs and business goals.


We advise clients in a comprehensive manner – both at the level of the Commercial Companies Code and civil, criminal and tax law.

Long-term partnership

We are ready to be your partner at every stage of your company’s development, from establishing a limited liability company to expansion into foreign markets and mergers and acquisitions. With our support you will not regret your decisions.


Frequently asked questions

What are the fees for setting up a limited liability company?

The costs you will incur are: entry in the National Court Register – court application fee of PLN 250 and PLN 100 for the announcement in the MSiG.

How much does the service of establishing a limited liability company cost?

Each time, the service of establishing a limited liability company we price individually
depending on the needs and complexity of the case. Contact us to learn about the offer prepared especially for you.

Is a limited liability company do you have to sign it at a notary?

If the partners want to establish a company very quickly, the best solution will be to establish a company online. Whereas if it is necessary to introduce complicated provisions into the contract that go beyond the contract template in S24, the limited liability company agreement should be concluded with a notary.

Set up a company with the help of BTLA experts!