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Company bankruptcy

In the face of growing economic challenges, companies may encounter financial difficulties, which in extreme cases lead to the need to declare bankruptcy. Company bankruptcy is a complicated legal process, requiring not only in-depth knowledge of applicable regulations, but also strategic planning and precise action. BTLA offers comprehensive services in the field of corporate bankruptcy, providing professional advice and support at every stage of the process.

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Legal and tax services

Bankruptcy of the company

The corporate bankruptcy process in Poland is regulated by a number of legal provisions aimed not only at securing the interests of creditors, but also at enabling the restructuring of indebted business entities. Key aspects, such as restructuring proceedings, conditions for declaring bankruptcy, as well as the rights and obligations of the company’s management board, require thorough analysis and an appropriate legal strategy. BTLA specialists, thanks to their knowledge and experience, are able to effectively guide clients through the entire bankruptcy process, minimizing legal and financial risks. Our services are designed to maximize the interests of our clients, both in terms of asset protection and in the context of future development opportunities and a return to financial stability.



By working with BTLA, you gain access to an interdisciplinary team of experts in law, finance and accounting, which guarantees comprehensive and personalized service at the highest level. Our individual approach to each case, combined with deep specialist knowledge, enables effective management of the bankruptcy process and optimization of results for our clients.


Legal and financial analysis

At the initial stage, we conduct a detailed analysis of the legal and financial situation of the company to assess the available options and define the best action strategy.


Planning and implementation of a restructuring strategy

We develop and implement a restructuring plan, which may include negotiations with creditors, preparation of restructuring applications and support in change management.


Representation in bankruptcy proceedings

We represent the client at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, from submitting an application, through negotiations with creditors, to the implementation of the restructuring plan.


Support after bankruptcy

After the bankruptcy proceedings are completed, we offer further support for the financial reconstruction of the company, including advice on finance, accounting and compliance.

What sets us apart?

Individual approach

We treat each project individually, tailoring our services to your unique needs and business goals.


We advise clients in a comprehensive manner – both at the level of the Commercial Companies Code and civil, criminal and tax law.

Long-term partnership

We are ready to be your partner at every stage of your company’s development, from establishing a limited liability company to expansion into foreign markets and mergers and acquisitions. With our support you will not regret your decisions.


Frequently asked questions

Can any company declare bankruptcy?

Any company that is unable to settle its obligations may declare bankruptcy. However, the decision to declare bankruptcy requires a thorough analysis of the company’s financial and legal situation.

What are the consequences of declaring bankruptcy for a company?

Declaring bankruptcy initiates a legal process that aims to satisfy creditors by liquidating the company’s assets or restructuring it. This may also enable the company to make a fresh start once the procedure has been completed.

How can BTLA help my business through the bankruptcy process?

BTLA offers comprehensive support at every stage of the bankruptcy process, from analysis of the situation, through the development and implementation of a restructuring strategy, to representation in court and support after the proceedings. Our activities are aimed at optimizing results for our clients and minimizing the negative effects of bankruptcy.

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